Is Dragon Ball a useless series for our life? Does Akira Toriyama’s work teach nothing? The old publisher of the series gets wet on the matter, without hair on the tongue.

Every day we bring you news of Dragon ball for more than 4 years, and of course, some publications are positive and others negative regarding the work of Akira Toriyama. Our text today is not easy at all, especially when it comes to the harsh statements of someone very important in the series.

It turns out that the former editor of the Dragon Ball manga, Kazuhiko Torishima, gave an interview late last year to Hiroshi Matsuyama, President of CyberConnect2. The great Derek Padula, analyst and writer of the series, has rescued and translated the interview on his website, which you can read in detail here. Well, we do not believe Torishima’s statements, and we are sure that they will leave you frozen.

The former editor, who worked closely with Toriyama in the series’ golden age, constantly correcting him and contributing new ideas, has declared that Dragon Ball is a useless work in our lives, let alone a vital lesson. Not content with that, he also affirms that there is nothing to learn from the work, nor any aspect to analyze, since he decided to make Dragon Ball a work without substance.

According to him, this series is only a funny comic, neither more nor less. In the video above, we rescued some of the most famous quotes from Son Goku, demonstrating that the work does transmit many values ​​through its characters, not to mention the stories we find on its pages, TV episodes and movies released in theaters. However, it seems that Torishima does not consider this work as much.

Now it’s up to you to give your opinion on the matter. What do you think about what the editor has stated? Do you agree with him? Is Dragon Ball really a meaningless work in our lives from which nothing can be learned?

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Leave us your opinions below, as we are looking forward to hearing what you think about it and to see if what Torishima-san says really makes sense (although of course, we already know the answer). Kai, Kai!