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05/22/2020 12:33 pm

Dragon ball did a great job in establishing the history of Goku as an extraterrestrial being, but this happened accidentally. The original series of Akira Toriyama I never dig into the origins of Goku or his past. All we know about his past is that his grandfather Gohan died after being crushed by a huge monster, while Goku He was completely unaware that this beast was himself transformed into a giant ape by the full moon. The reason why Goku it can be transformed and its true origins remain a mystery for more than 150 chapters.

It was not until Dragon Ball Z when the childhood of Goku she was finally explored, before she met her grandfather Gohan. With the arrival of Radditz to planet earth, it is revealed that Goku is really a Saiyan of the planet Vegeta. Known as fierce and ruthless warriors, the Saiyans are the opposite of Goku, whose true nature was lost after an accidental blow to the head. Toriyama eventually revealed the full past of Goku, his heritage, his biology and the reason why he is so powerful in Land.

This twist came super late in the history of Dragon ball, so without a doubt there should be some clue in previous chapters that revealed more about its origin and boy there are. The most notorious is found after the first meeting between Goku and Bulma, where she assumes that that little boy is actually from another planet.

More evidence emerges when Goku is facing Major Metallitron during the saga of Red Ribbon Army. The android scans his opponent with a technologically advanced viewfinder and the reading clearly identifies Goku like an alien. This moment alone establishes that there is more story hidden behind our mysterious protagonist.

Looking at it in hindsight, these subtle clues perfectly lay out the eventual revelation about the origins of Goku. However, all this was totally accidental, since in past interviews Toriyama He revealed that it was never his intention to do it this way, since he hadn’t gotten that far ahead yet.

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