Dragon Age: Inquisition could get Xbox FPS Boost

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A few days ago, Xbox surprised Xbox Series X | S users by announcing a new feature for backward-compatible titles, FPS Boost, which will double the frame rate on pure hardware for a better gaming experience. This extra to the backwards compatibility program started with only 5 titles, but the promise is that there will be more compatible games soon and one of them could be Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Soon you could enjoy Dragon Age: Inquisition with double fps

During the most recent edition of the Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb podcast, the manager had the opportunity to chat with Jason Ronald, Xbox’s director of program management, about the FPS Boost feature. According to Ronald, the BioWare game, Dragon Age: Inquisition, was considered to be one of the first to enjoy this improvement in the frame rate per second, but for undisclosed and last-minute causes, it could not be. .

However, it seems that this installment of BioWare’s medieval-themed action RPG is already in its sights to be one of the next games to enjoy the FPS Boost and the best thing is that it is part of the EA Access catalog, available at no additional cost for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

It should be mentioned that, as Ronald himself said in a recent interview, the FPS Boost is a Microsoft initiative applicable as long as the companies and developers agree. According to the same executive, Xbox leaves the freedom of choice to publishers and creatives to release updates that improve the visual performance of their games on Xbox Series X | S, but also offers support via FPS Boost, which is why little will be added a little more games.

What old titles do you want to enjoy with double the FPS on Xbox Series X | S?

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