Drag queen Nina West will host a children’s LGBTQ + celebration at Disney Plus – .

It is time for the Drag queens to become part of the Disney family, thanks to the fact that the world’s largest entertainment conglomerate will join the Pride celebration in 2021 with a special program that will bring together several of the most recognized LGBTQIA + people in different activities related to the classics of the company. Under the name of This Is Me: Pride Celebration Spectacular, users will be able to see the musical event that includes Nina west Y Jackie Cox, known program participants RuPaul’s Drag Race, who will perform songs from Disney movies.

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Along with them will appear artists such as Haley kiyoko, Todrick Hall, Alex Newell and more. They are joined by René the frog, who is also seen in the preview that Disney released recently. This is the first time that Disney has held an event like this to celebrate diversity and it is good to know that it has not skimped on resources, especially after fans of its films and series have recently criticized the slow evolution in terms of representation. in their productions. It should be noted that the songs that are included in the special appeared in them, but they will have a twist when they are reinterpreted “under a queer look” according to what Entertainment Weekly shares.

Nina west is the same Drag Queen who recently collaborated with Nickelodeon to create a tune that appeared on Blue’s Clues, where he explains to viewers about the various types of families that exist, including those with non-binary and transgender members, as well as that during the song a Pride Parade is shown. For West, the opportunity to emphasize the importance of LGBTQIA + families was something he was not going to pass up.

This Is Me: Pride Celebration Spectacular is not only intended to entertain viewers, but also to inform. This will highlight the work of the GLSEN organization, which was founded by a group of teachers in 1990, to amplify the work of educators because they play a key role in creating positive learning environments for LGBTQIA + youth.

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But in addition to activating supportive educators, GLSEN works to focus and elevate student-led movements, which have fueled initiatives like Silence Day, Allies Week, and more. In addition, the concert will be broadcast live through Disney Plus’ Facebook and YouTube accounts, and not as part of the catalog, although it is unknown if it will later appear there for others to see. This will be on Sunday June 27 at 7 pm.

West hopes that rethinking famous tunes from the classics can inspire a new generation of families growing up with Disney’s library of content. This was what he exclusively told Entertainment Weekly:

It is allowing our stories to be told through familiar songs. What that means to me is that when I was a child, although Beauty and the Beast is not a strange story, I saw Bella as an “other”, because she was smart and no one wanted her around. There is a parallel there that I found when I was young, accepting my own identity. We are reinventing these songs that are in our classic Disney canon and giving them a meaning that many of us have attached to them anyway. When you hear “A Whole New World” sung by two people of the same gender, it is powerful, or when you have someone who identifies as a woman singing a song like “Kiss the Girl”, that is magical. It allows us to see ourselves in these stories.

To know which are the songs that will be part of the concert, it will be necessary to connect this Sunday on the official Disney Plus social networks where these artists will perform them with a unique twist. But if we judge by the official preview, we will see that Agatha’s song has been included in the repertoire in WandaVision – 95%.

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