Donald Trump has finally run into someone who can ruin his purpose of remaining in the White House for four more years: himself. It’s not just about bleach injections or massive doses of ultraviolet rays imagined in your public delusions as prescriptions to destroy the virus. These hilarious occurrences that sow panic among his advisers, such as his unmatched record of 13 lies and falsehoods a day, belong to his most classic repertoire, with which he has achieved everything that is in political life, but in this case they are revealing of a novelty that can derail your presidential plans.

For the first time, events have overtaken him. The initiative, which is fundamentally mediatic, no longer belongs to it. His idea of ​​disruption as the winning method has been ruined by a much larger disruption, which is what creates the coronavirus. The biological reality of the disease overwhelms with its contagion any trumpista attempt to construct a parallel reality. As much as you trust in a strong economic recovery in the fourth quarter, take the world leadership in tests on the coronavirus and leave your personal signature in the letters addressed to the citizens with which the checks of 1,200 dollars are sent, the figures that count they are the million infected, the 57,000 dead and the 26 million jobs that have disappeared.

Trump has lost the papers, in addition to the initiative. He doesn’t know what to do with the daily spectacle of his press conferences. It is a complete disaster as the commander in chief of your war on the virus. He ignored intelligence agency warnings when he was on time, and he ignores epidemiologists now when it comes to returning to normal without jeopardizing the health of citizens. Jealous of his scientific staff, he demands flattery and submissive silence before his barbarities.

The White House does not run the country, as the governors are verifying, and it leads even less the international institutions and organizations, which it directly attacks, as is the case with the WHO, or despises and marginalizes as it happens with the United Nations. Thanks to the submission of the republican party, the presidential power has no limits, but when it comes to using it against the pandemic Trump prefers to leave the response in the hands of the States, hoping to keep the proceeds of the recovery and load the accounts to the governors. Trumpism is the negation of pedagogy and exemplary: Trump has sworn that he will never wear a mask and Vice President Mike Pence fails to follow doctors’ instructions when visiting hospitals. He has only one letter in his favor, and this is the even greater weakness of his invisible Democratic adversary, former Vice President Joe Biden. The presidential election is still on the wing.

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