In Dr. Mario World We can use our mobiles to consult and thus eliminate each and every one of the multicolored bacteria that try to spread throughout the world of the most famous multi-employee plumber in the history of video games. Since these bacteria reproduce very quickly, the practice occasionally hires new doctors and, as announced through the game’s official Twitter account, a new doctor will soon join the team of available professionals. Do you want to know who is this new professional so rebellious that he will put on the white coat too? Pay attention to the following lines to know each and every one of the details!

Dr. Caco Gazapo puts on the white coat in Dr. Mario World’s office

Red: “A new doctor’s coming Apr. 2, 1 AM PT. It’s Dr. Nabbit! I wonder about consolidating that luggage… I mean, all that stuff could just go in that big sack! Think about it. Dr. Nabbit’s the only new doc this time. Please take it easy on me. ” #DrMarioWorld

– Dr. Mario World (@Drmarioworld_EN) April 1, 2020

In Dr. Mario World Doctors fight these fearsome multi-colored bacteria, and as all help is lacking, new doctors occasionally come to join the team of professionals. On this occasion, the character who will also be able to wear the white coat will be the Caco Gazapo, who will be available in the game from April 2, 2020. However, more details about him, such as his special moves, have not yet been revealed, as each doctor in this game has unique characteristics.

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In this way, we only have to wait a few more hours for this rebellious doctor to join Dr. Mario World to continue advancing in the levels that are part of this title. And you, have you downloaded this game on your mobile devices or are you one of those who cannot play it, either because it is not compatible with your devices or because you prefer to dedicate your free time to other titles or other platforms?