In Dr. Mario World We can use our mobiles to consult and thus eliminate each and every one of the multicolored bacteria that try to spread throughout the world of the most famous multi-employee plumber in the history of video games. Since these bacteria reproduce very quickly, the practice occasionally hires new doctors and, as announced through the game’s official Twitter account, a new doctor will soon join the team of available professionals, and now we already know what your main skills will be. Pay attention to the following lines to know each and every one of the details!

New Trailer Reveals Dr. Caco Gazapo’s Skills in Dr. Mario World

Blue: “My video explains Dr. Nabbit and Stingby, who will come tomorrow at 1 AM PT. Nabbit’s skill boosts your score by 3,000 points. Seems useful for getting stars. Stingby’s skill grants an 8% chance of 8 more seconds in timed stages That’s a ton of vitamin bee! ” #DrMarioWorld

– Dr. Mario World (@Drmarioworld_EN) April 2, 2020

Many are waiting for the arrival of the Thief Gazapo Dr. Mario World, as all the extra help is needed when fighting incessantly against these three-colored bacteria that multiply so fast. Thus, in the last video that has been shared through social networks, we have learned that this character will make our points increase by 3,000 once the fight against bacteria ends, which will help us to get stars more easily. Also, if we choose it in multiplayer mode, it will make our objects transform into explosives, shells or multicolored capsules.

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For his part, a new assistant belonging to the family of bees It will give us an 8% chance of getting an extra 8 seconds in the time trial levels, and you know, every extra second is important. Of course, if we choose this assistant in the multiplayer mode, when there are 8 rows left, we will have a 10% chance of sending 2 rows of viruses to our opponents. Everything is to end the infection before the rivals!