On July 27, 1990, the Mario NES, a puzzle game that visually reminded us of the famous Tetris, was released on the NES, but with its own mechanics based on joining pieces that shared colors and a theme that is more fashionable now than ever. Time has passed and, after several deliveries on successive desktop and portable consoles, it has finally visited the territory of mobile devices with Dr Mario World, the most innovative installment to date, especially for the inclusion of the most diverse characters, both in age and in species to which they belong, all of them from the extensive universe of Super Mario and his friends. On the occasion of such a remarkable thirty-year anniversary of the franchise, there is nothing better to celebrate than by welcoming a most exceptional guest, such as the 8-bit version of Doctor Mario himself, all flat, pixelated and wanting to give a lot of war to the happy viruses.

The new character, which will be available to take over until August 30, has the special ability to eliminate three special viruses at once, making it an interesting option to consider. Below you have the short video presentation of the new medical graduate from the Mushroom Kingdom, ready to cure diseases in the most retro way in Dr Mario World?

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