Dr. Fauci says that Brazil should take action against the increase in covid-19

Bolsonaro criticizes states that put restrictions 0:25

(CNN) – As cases of coronavirus in Brazil continue to rise at an alarming rate and the deployment of the vaccine has been slow at best, infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said that taking action Restrictive measures against the virus could help slow its spread.

“You do not have to do a confinement without an end date, but if circulation is restricted and everyone wears a mask, there will be no people who gather in closed environments such as restaurants and bars, and that reduces the number of cases ”Fauci said in an exclusive interview with BBC Brazil.

Fauci’s comments come at a time when Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro continues to oppose the closures and restrictive measures, and criticizes governors and mayors with insulting language for applying them.

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On Wednesday, Bolsonaro again told his supporters that a national shutdown is out of the question, despite the country registering a record 4,195 deaths from covid-19 the day before.

Fauci said that “public health restrictions are crucial to gaining control of epidemics.”

“We have seen in many other countries where there have been a large number of cases that, when public health measures have been applied, the number of cases has dropped dramatically,” Fauci said. “Therefore, this is one of the things that Brazil should seriously think about and consider given the difficult period it is going through.”

The covid-19 P1 variant, which appeared for the first time in Brazil, is causing an increase in cases in neighboring countries, such as Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru and Argentina, which are also facing a sharp increase in hospitalizations. The occupancy rates of intensive care units in most states in the country are equal to or greater than 80% and some local health systems are already collapsed.

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Fauci said he preferred not to refer to Brazil as a “global threat,” a term used by the foreign and national press to describe the current crisis in the country, but said that “there is no doubt that the severe public health measures, including the closings have been very successful.

“I am not going to affirm that Brazil is a threat, because that could be taken out of context and would be an unfortunate phrase. What I’m saying is that Brazil is in a serious situation that is spreading to other countries in South America, which is unfortunate, “said Fauci. Vaccination, especially in Brazil, should be done “as soon as possible,” he said.

However, Fauci said the United States is unlikely to negotiate with Brazil to share its leftover vaccine doses. “We have returned to the World Health Organization (WHO), and we joined Covax,” he said.