When talking about applications on Android, the default reference in terms of app stores is the one offered by Google, Google Play. However, it often happens frequently that when you want to install certain apps such as GBWhatsApp or Reddit, the Google store either fails to find it or prevents us from carrying out this action. That is why we must always keep in mind, using alternative APK stores or repositories such as: Download Wiki, Uptodown or APKMirror, among others.

The point when looking for alternative stores is that there are currently lots of APK repositories which do not always have reliable apps. That is why we have prepared this short list where we will recommend some stores or repositories of APK’s for you to download and install applications on your Android device without problems.

APK’s Stores or Repositories

Before proceeding to download and install apps from these sites, users must enable the “Unknown sources” option on their devices. In the vast majority of Android phones this option is found by following the following path:

• Phone settings button

• Select the Security option

• Check or enable the box “Unknown Sources.”

For security, once this Apk is installed, the user should deactivate the unknown source option again.

Download.wiki or Wikiappedia

It is one of the most reliable and recommended providers to download and install apps which, for various reasons, is not available on Google Play. To use this application repository, the user does not need to register on the site and can use the downloaded APK on other devices.

The site offers the user a very intuitive graphical interface which is mainly characterized by its simplicity and excellent app categorization. It is important to note that WikiAppedia only offers free applications and games.


Founded in Spain, this service is currently one of the most popular repositories used in the world mainly due to its accessibility, security and flexibility. Uptodown offers the user a fairly familiar interface to that used in Google Play, so in theory, it should not be lost when accessing the repository.

As for the apps offered as such, this repository guarantees that all its available APKs have been analyzed by prestigious antiviral solutions. They also ensure that all their apps are stored on their own servers, which guarantees better performance and optimization of bandwidth when downloading.

APKMirror (h3)

Another of the most popular and recommended repositories, although the service is geared more towards app developers and testers since they usually have versions so recent that many are not yet available on Google Play. In this repository, unlike many others, different versions of the same app are offered. This is because many of these APKs use their own customizations added by different manufacturers, therefore, it is possible to find apps that work only on Samsung or Nokia or Sony devices, to name a few brands.

It is important to note that all the repositories mentioned above do not require the user to register nor is it necessary to install official native apps to obtain the APK’s.

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