Something that we who are deeply involved in the world of video games know very well is that there are titles for all tastes and for all kinds of people. So, this time it’s time to talk about Fight of Animals, a very beast title that will be available from the next April 9, 2020 and in which the protagonists are some animalized characters that will be given cakes until there is only one winner, since now The size of its digital version in the hybrid console of the Big N has already been revealed.. Stay tuned to the following lines to find out if you should make a lot of space on your Nintendo Switch or SD card!

Fight of Animals reveals the size of the download of its digital edition on Nintendo Switch

The digital format is increasingly preferred by many players to enjoy their favorite titles, but in the case of some games, this is the only way in which their creators can launch them. So, Fight of Animals will arrive very soon to Nintendo Switch, and as it has been revealed now through the eShop of this hybrid console, will occupy a total of 329 MB, so we can say that it is one of the least heavy games that can be found in this virtual store that adds a good number of new games every week. While it doesn’t take up a lot, some players may be forced to make some room, as they may have their consoles’ internal memory full.

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In this way, we only have to wait a few more days for the fictitious and bestial fights of Fight of Animals to be available for us to play when we want, in the part of the house we want and how we want.

Source: eShop