If the coronavirus contact tracking application was finally announced this Monday, this service is already available in testing phase and you can download it on your mobile. At least if this is Android, since Radar COVID has not yet been published in the App Store for iPhone.

The application in question, which has already entered the testing phase on the island of La Gomera, in the Canary Islands, will only be active as such in this place. There, for now, the system will be simulating positive cases to verify that the contact tracing system works. These waves of simulated positive cases will not begin, however, until next Monday, July 6.

If you are not one of the 21,000 people who inhabit the island and are still curious to try it, do not worry, you can still do it. In this case we can download and install the app, although it will not begin to be operational or will fail to communicate positive diagnoses of COVID-19.

A simple, private and secure application

Photo: David Ortiz | Explica.co.

At all times since we open the application it is remembered that it respects your privacy. He does not know both our real location and our personal data, and at no time does he ask for any registration parameter or anything similar.

The operation is carried out on the API of Apple and Google, although Huawei has also published its compatible code for its terminals without the services of Google. This application, developed by Indra, is generating random codes every 20 minutes, which are shared by low-power Bluetooth with the terminals you find nearby. In the event that one of them reports their positive for the disease – for which they need the official key to their test, provided by the health authorities – we will be notified of the exposure.

Photo: David Ortiz | Explica.co.

Despite its simplicity, Radar COVID has a lightweight but versatile design. The application still has a section with tips based on the exposure risk you have assessed. If there are no « apparent risky contacts, » these will be the basic recommendations: 1.5 meters distance, use of masks, frequent hand washing …

Photo: David Ortiz | Explica.co.

Once it is operational, the application will allow communicate the positive in the disease. For this, it will simply be necessary to open the application and click on the purple button, where the 12-digit code associated with the diagnostic test must be entered. Again, by performing this task we are reminded of the total anonymity with which the information is treated. And, really, neither the authorities, nor Apple nor Google receive any data that allows us to be identified.

How to download it

Photo: David Ortiz | Explica.co.

To download Radar COVID, it will be as simple as going, for now on Android mobiles, to your page on Google Play and clicking ‘Install’. Once this is done, once we open it for the first time, it will ask us for Bluetooth permissions and urge that they are always activated.