Download our eBook “Quantum Computing: The Next Frontier”

What is quantum computing? How is it going to change our lives? What companies are investing more in this technology? On “Quantum Computing: The Next Frontier” We are fully entering one of the most exciting technological fields in recent years.

We offer you a free eBook in which, among other things, you can discover how a quantum computer works and how it differs from a digital computer; We reveal to you how much money is being invested in the development of new equipment and algorithms and which countries are moving faster to be the first; We tell you in which use cases it makes more sense to use this technology and how scientific research will change in the future … etc. At the same time, we are talking about a technology that is still very young, that still has many challenges to overcome in order to develop its full potential.

We count on “Quantum Computing: The Next Frontier” with the opinion of some great experts in this field and who, like us, hope that “with quantum computing, we can advance our progress as a human race.” In this sense, for the preparation of this eBook we have had the opportunity to chat with Zaira Nazairo, Quantum Computing Theory and Applications Technical Lead at IBM Quantum and with Jose Camacho, HPC & Quantum Director at Atos Iberia and you cannot miss their interviews.

We have also included a career plan, so if you think that your future stops by squeezing the qubits of the future computer to the maximum, we will reveal to you what is the best way to start.

In short, we put in your hands, a practical document with which we hope we have been able to clear up most of the doubts you may have about a technology that you are going to hear more and more about. Do not think about it anymore and Download the book here!

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