Download Instagram photos everywhere and browsers

Instagram is a social network where you can upload your photos and videos for the whole world to see, or just your group of friends. The fact is that once the images are uploaded, you can share them with your friends or comment on them, but do not download them to your computer or smartphone or something as simple as post them again. But downloading photos from Instagram is a piece of cake.

However, from the Instagram app itself or from its online version you cannot download photos or videos to your device or computer. To make it possible, you must go to applications, specialized web pages or plug-ins for your browser.

Let’s see several solutions to download Instagram photos comfortably. There is one for every taste. Whether you want to download an image occasionally as if you want to do it frequently and / or directly from the Instagram interface.

Download Instagram Photos in Google Chrome

Let’s start with those who watch Instagram from their computer. Normally from Google Chrome. For you, the most comfortable way to download photos from Instagram is through a extension for Google Chrome.

They are easy to install, free, they integrate with your browser and Instagram and you can download photos instantly. What’s more, another advantage of the extensions for Chrome is that they are also compatible with other browsers such as Opera, Yandex, Brave, Microsoft Edge And a long etcetera.

Instagram Downloader add a download button to Instagram to download photos but also videos. Both from Instagram and from Stories or IGTV.

Another great detail of this extension is that it adds a button to Instagram profiles to download all your content. Just click on Download All and you will get dozens of photos and videos.

In addition to Google Chrome, this extension is also available for Mozilla Firefox.

Download Instagram photos

High Resolution Downloader for Instagram It will also help you save copies of photos posted on Instagram. And as an incentive, he says to offer the highest quality version of that image.

The extension is used to download photos from Instagram but also to do the same with videos, which are increasingly common. What’s more, integrates into the web interface of this social network so that you have it easy, whether you are in a profile or looking at random photographs.

Download Instagram photos

IG Downloader by IGKit is another great example of how much a developer can do for us by creating extensions for Google Chrome.

Like the two previous examples, this extension integrates into Instagram. You can download photos from Instagram but also videos, do it one at a time or batch, and other more striking options such as finding the most viral content or the most shared.

Download Instagram content online

Today, the most comfortable method from any device to download Instagram photos is to go to one of the many Web applications available. As simple as opening the browser, entering the link of that application and downloading photos and videos from your links.

Free, no registration, no download limit … All you have to do is copy the link of the photo or video to download. You can do it from the address bar or from the share button. Then we paste the link and download.

The above examples have several things in common. They are compatible with photos and videos, they allow to differentiate depending on the type of content you want to get: Stories, Reels, normal videos, IGTV … And unlike other pages like that, they do not flood your screen with ads or advertising. Another detail in their favor is that they work both on your computer and on your tablet or smartphone.