Dove Cameron excited to work on the Powerpuff Girls series

Editing of Dove Cameron and Bubbles

One of the projects that is now being talked about is the development of the series of The Powerpuff Girls / The Powerpuff Girls / The Powerpuff Girls, for which at the moment there is only green light to record its pilot episode. This series, which will take us to the teenage age of young superheroines, already has the faces that will make up its main cast. Now we get what would be the first statements of the actress Dove cameron after the announcement that she will be in charge of giving life to Bubbles.

In an interview with Nylon, the young actress has spoken about her role in this announced reboot / continuation of the superheroines, to share your enthusiasm for working on this live-action series. Here’s how little he can share about the series, along with revealing that as a child I was a big fan from the animated series.

I’m so excited For wearing jeans and a small blue tank top and then levitating and shooting out a window. Please. Fight monsters? But also, specifically, playing the Powerpuff Girls. I grew up without [televisión] cable and already knew what the Powerpuff Girls were. I am a geek of them. . . . Diablo’s vision is insane. I can’t tell you much about her, but it’s exactly what you would want. It’s crazy.

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Dove Cameron, along with his “Agents of Shield” co-star Chloe Bennet, and Yana Perrault, will play an adult version of the Powerpuff Girsl who have now retired from crime fighting. Since this is not a current childhood series, the product is aimed at former fans who are now adults, and it seems that the actress approves of the approach they have taken to the series.

In the same interview, the actress explains that she was so excited about the project that she had a hard time keeping her role a secret.

After I was cast, I had to wait a week before the news broke, which was an excruciating week because I’m a huge fan of cartoons. It was very difficult not to talk about it.

The chain The CW is behind this series for which there is no release date yet.

Via information | Nylon