It is official. Tennis will experience one of the most intense, curious and extravagant months in its entire history. The US Open 2020 It will succeed, as long as there are no outbreaks of coronavirus that could put it back in check (something not ruled out by health experts), and it will do so by providing tennis players with an environment of complete isolation and control in which they may have to compete for three weeks in a row at the same facilities. The celebration of Cincinnati tournament the week before the Grand Slam, it will provide players with pace, points and money, but it can greatly diminish the success options of those who go far in said event.

06/16/2020 11:06

The USTA shares the official protocol that the players must follow: tests, guidelines, transportation, accommodation, distance, etc.

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This will not be a Grand slam to use. The previous phases, the mixed doubles and the legends tables have been eliminated; In addition, it is expected that the doubles tables may see the number of participants reduced. Many people wonder if the tournament will be played to the best of three sets to counter the wear and tear of previously playing Cincinnati, but everything indicates that the USTA It will be firm in this regard: men must play the best of five rounds.

One of the most controversial decisions and that can cause noticeable losses in the tournament, is that of accommodation. The tournament offers the option of reserving two hotel rooms, which would cover the cost of one from the days prior to the Cincinnati event to the US Open. In addition, they announce that services such as physiotherapy, recovery room and players room, will be installed in the accredited hotels for it, although they also recommend to the players another option: rent a house near the club, something like what is done in Wimbledon, and they estimate that the cost would be $ 40,000.

Many authoritative voices consider these measures somewhat dissuasive for mid-range players; the humblest are expected to attend the tournament yes or yes because they need to make money, while the stars have sufficient financial margin, but they see the option of adding titles and points in the ranking. However, middle-class players who do not have major financial solvency problems, but who are not superfluous either, and who do not have expectations of great performance in New York, could decide to skip the tournament and save themselves from all the demanding protocol.

Regarding the calendar, there are still certain doubts that ATP and WTA They could solve today. Knowing that Cincinnati is played the week before the US Open, it is expected that the Washington tournament will be held from August 10 to 16, leaving tennis players a week to move to New York, acclimatize and go through all the sanitary protocols and logistics. However there is nothing confirmed. Furthermore, the fact that the US Open 2020 ends on September 13, leaves little room for the Madrid and Rome tournaments before Roland Garros.

It is understood that they want to play the Madrid tournament from 14 to 20 and the Italian one from 21 to 27, preventing the existence of a free week before Roland Garros 2020, which could also lead to the cancellation of the previous phase. It should be remembered that the scheduled date for the French Grand Slam was from September 20 to October 4, but everyone assumes that it would be delayed until 27 (starts on Sunday). Would it be possible to see a final of the tournament in Rome and a few hours later, the start of the French tournament?

Looking further ahead, the ATP has already expressed its highest priority when it comes to contesting the Nitto ATP Finals 2020 and certain reluctance to move the circuit to Asia. In any case, it is clear that the authorities will have to juggle all the tournaments and it is evident that the players are at risk of injury. There will be no transition time between major tournaments, it will change from one surface to another in a matter of days and the wear and tear after so long standing still can be physically deadly. We will have to wait for official news.