Dott electric scooters arrive in Malaga to comply with its regulations

More scooter companies, in case there seemed to be few. In this case, it is the turn of the European Dott, which has decided to set up its first headquarters in Malaga and then continue to grow in the rest of the country.

Dott’s electric scooters would be, therefore, competing with the company born within the MIT, Link. Together with Dott, these would be the only two that have obtained permission from the Malaga Administration to operate under its new regulations. Lime and Voi, previously operating in the city, would be, for now, outside the region.

In any case, for the moment Dott promises to replicate his success in London or Paris. with 150 electric scooters In Malaga. Although the forecast will be to increase its volume of operations in terms of electric scooters and, the company explains in a statement, it will also be to expand its offer to shared bikes. A multimodal service that has become the common strategy of the bulk of technology related to mobility.

Malaga, a very clear regulation

Malaga, like other regions in Spain, has got down to work as far as electric scooter regulations are concerned. After the collapse of 2017 and subsequent years, coinciding with the boom of the birth of most of the electric scooter companies, the capitals were filled with these new transport models. The health crisis due to the coronavirus and the failures of a still immature ecosystem took away the operations of many of the companies in the sector.

The regulations of the City Councils also came up. If the mass entry of hundreds of electric scooters had taken them by surprise the first time, they would be ready now. Most of the regions –Madrid, Seville and also Malaga, among others– have opted for circulation and operating permits. Dott, in this case, would be the second to win the job. In Seville, a few days ago, Voi gained that status in the Andalusian capital.

In the specific case of Malaga, in addition to the permits, the region would also be controlling the way these vehicles are used. After several years of procedures and modifications, Malaga approved its regulations applicable to electric scooters and bicycles in January of this year. Its biggest change lies in the prohibition of driving on sidewalks and pedestrian areas with these vehicles. The fines for not complying with this regulation would amount to 500 euros. They would therefore be limiting the use of this service to 30 km / h lanes and bike lanes. They also added that these services could only be used by people over 16 years of age.

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