The third-party database has just added this Quantic Dream adventure that hit computers in 2019.

Steam databaseIt is a non-Valve tool that usually anticipates many of the arrivals andnews on the digital platform. For example, a few weeks ago Yakuza Like a Dragon for PC appeared on it days before its release outside PS4 was announced during the Xbox event. And now it has appearedanother game that in its day was exclusivefrom the Sony console, although it would later reach the PC through the Epic Games Store. We are talking about Beyond: Two Souls, the Quantic Dream game.

As fans of the French studio will know, David Cage announced in March 2019 the end of his exclusivity with Sony, to take his adventures to PC together withEpic Games Store, when the Fortnite company was on the hunt for temporary exclusives. However, the appearance of Beyond: Two Souls on SteamDB seems to indicate thatthere would be little left to finalize this agreement, and go on sale on the Valve platform.

Although initiallythe game appears as such in the database, with header image and everything, your registrationhidden again on steam, although in SteamDB they keep it active (being an external database). Surely Quantic Dream, or one of its partners, will have added the game to SteamVisibly by mistake, possibly waiting for some announcement for the next dates.

SteamDB listings are usually legit, though as usual there’s nothing to be taken for granteduntil the study itself confirms the news, or Steam failing. Upon arriving at the store, we will see if you enjoy the same success that these games have had on Epic. But until then, here you play Beyond: Two Souls analysis on PS4 for you to know enhances the adventure.

More about: Beyond: Two Souls, Quantic Dream and Steam.

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