When commenting on the operation of the Federal Police (PF) that targeted the governor of Rio, Wilson Witzel (PSC), this Tuesday, 26, the chief of the São Paulo Executive, João Doria (PSDB), said that there is not, yet , A “configured crime” and that the investigation work should continue. He criticized the facts that President Jair Bolsonaro congratulated the PF for the operation and that Congresswoman Carla Zambelli (PSL-SP) spoke about the investigation in a radio interview the day before.

“I understand that the investigation must take place. It must continue on the part of the Public Ministry and other bodies. But I was also surprised by the fact that a federal deputy linked to the President of the Republic, literally speaking on behalf of the President of the Republic, the day before announced the existence of actions by the Federal Police. This, of course, confronts initiatives by the Federal Police, where any and all measures must be decided and deliberated under secrecy “, said the São Paulo governor.

Doria referred to the interview given by Zambelli to Rádio Gaúcha on Monday night. The MP said the PF was about to start operations to investigate irregularities committed by governors during the covid-19 pandemic. In an interview with Estadão, on Tuesday, she denied having received information from the investigation. “On May 21, a PF plane left here (from Brasília) to Rio de Janeiro. There was an operation before this one. So it was quite obvious that other operations were going to happen,” said the deputy.

In addition to criticizing Zambelli, Doria also complained about how Bolsonaro handled the issue. When asked about the fulfillment of search and seizure warrants against Witzel in the morning, the president smiled and gave “congratulations” to the PF. At night, he stated that he had nothing to do with the operation, that he has no interference with the STJ and provoked Witzel. “There are people worried, wanting to blame me, talking about my son,” said the president.

“The investigation is ongoing, there is no crime set up. The governor of Rio de Janeiro, and I am not his prosecutor, nor need I be, has not become final to establish any type of judgment. To commemorate or to condemn. Attitudes like these indicate the growth of this authoritarian spirit and a political connection with a body that should be absolutely technical and independent “, said Doria.

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