DOOM Eternal for Nintendo Switch has NOT been canceled, but …

At the beginning of July we told you about the “imminent” release date (or so they promised from id Softwate) of DOOM Eternal in the hybrid of the Kyoto. Unfortunately, we knew little else since then. Now, and after the rumor launched about its possible cancellation, with a view to being launched on the new Nintendo Switch, we go a little further trying to explain the true current situation.

And it is that the networks have been really convulsive hours, after a news released by various users in which they indicated that the Gamestop chain had contacted them to cancel their physical editions of DOOM Eternal for Nintendo Switch. This has made a multitude of theories flourish (all of them with no basis other than the rumor), among which its possible cancellation stands out, facing the future launch of the new revision of the hybrid of the Great N. Fortunately, it seems that the disaster has finally been somewhere in between. And it is that, according to various media reports, everything points to what has really been cancelled it is alone, and we repeat alone, its physical version. Bethesda itself has just responded to various users, via Twitter, explaining that there is no official statement.

On the other hand, GoNintendo has just released a statement from Bethesda itself in which it confirms the exclusively digital launch of DOOM Eternal for Nintendo Switch. Something that results in the consequent cancellation of all physical orders in retail stores.

While DOOM Eternal is 100% on track for an imminent digital-only release on Nintendo Switch, the absence of a physical retail release has resulted in its pre-orders being canceled. Affected customers will receive a full refund and should contact their retail store for more information.

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What do you think of the absence, at least for the moment, of a physical version for DOOM Eternal for Nintendo Switch? Will the weight (worth the redundancy) of the title and the limitations (extra cost) of the titles had some weight in the decision? cartridges. For now, and as we always say in Nextn, rumors are still a check … but blank!