Since Bethesda Softworks they don’t stop going incorporating new content through updates for your Doom and Doom II remasters, this time, the content created by the community has been included Back to Saturn X (BTSX) including a set of textures, new music, and a new color palette in both versions for Nintendo Switch.

The classic mod is added for free to the wide catalog of the classic Doom and Doom II

Specifically we talk about the first episode, created by the Back to Saturn X Team in 2012, than modify up to 27 maps by highly experienced modders like Xaser from No End in Sight, Rottking from Double Imapct or James Paddock from Deathless. This great contribution from the community has increased the demand for classic Doom and Doom II players, so currently it is possible that more BTSX content will arrive in the future. Not surprisingly, this team is working on the third episode that has not yet seen the light, but there is already a second episode available that we hope will also reach our platform.

In this way, Back to Saturn X (BTSX) is incorporated into TNT: Evilution, The Plutonia Experiment, SIGIL or No Rest for the Living as another of the modifications that we can install to our copy of Doom and Doom II in the Nintendo machine. Most of these mods pose a special challenge thanks to their extra levels, offering something new for players who have completed the original experience, or for those looking to rediscover the original maps of these two jewels of Id Software.

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The owners of Doom and Doom II on Nintendo Switch are not only enjoying one of the best versions of these mythical first-person shooters, but also that Bethesda Softworks is taking care that a good part of the most important mods are being adapted for the system, all of it free of charge without any additional cost. A luxury! That’s how nice!