Don’t you understand what your ‘michi’ wants? Former Alexa engineer creates a cat translator

A former Alexa engineer developed an app that can translate your cat’s meows.

The MeowTalk app, developed by Akvelon and now available for Android and iOS devices, can translate 13 different meows so far, including “Feed me!”, “I’m mad!” Leave me alone!”.

This is possible because the application uses artificial intelligence to analyze your gathijo’s meows.

Once you download the application, you must create your cat’s profile and record its sounds. The machine learning software will be able to understand your pet more the more you use the application.

Remember that unlike humans, cats do not share a language. Each cat’s meow is unique and adapts to its owner.

So if you have more than one michi, you must create a profile for each of them.

Javier Sánchez, the group’s technical program manager at the Akvelon application developer, indicated this Wednesday in a conference broadcast on YouTube that he seeks to create a necklace with a human voice that translates cats.

The technology would translate your cat’s meow instantly and a human voice would speak through the collar.

Something, without a doubt, very useful for when your michi meows non-stop.

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