Don’t want to get vaccinated against COVID? In the Vatican they will fire employees who do not allow themselves to be injected – Agence SEO

The Vatican made it clear that he is taking P stance very seriouslyrovacuna against the coronavirus of Pope Francis noting that any employee who refuses to receive it without a valid medical reason risks being fired.

A decree signed on February 8 by the governor of the Vatican city state sparked a heated debate on Thursday, as its clauses go far beyond the generally voluntary nature of the vaccination against COVID-19 in Italy and much of the rest of the world.

The decree underscored the need to protect Vatican employees in the workplace, as well as the guidelines issued by Pope Francis’ own committee of advisers on COVID-19, which has established that there is a moral responsibility to inoculate « given that refusing to receive a vaccine represents a risk for others. »

The decree warns that Vatican workers who choose not to get vaccinated without offering a medical reason risk facing sanctions that could include « termination of employment. »

The Vatican is an absolute monarchy in the heart of Rome that operates independently of Italian law and Italy’s labor protections.

It has about 5,000 employees, and is on the way to becoming perhaps the first country to complete its vaccination campaign for adults, after the Holy See’s health service began inoculating staff and their families in early January with vaccines from Pfizer. Pope Francis himself has already received the second dose.

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