The actor Adam Sandler and the presenter Jimmy Fallon they put a good face on social distancing, through music, that is why have created a topic about healthy distance, especially with older adults.

During a virtual interview for the Fallon show, aired on Monday, celebrities sang a song they called “Don’t Touch Grandma” (don’t touch grandma, in Spanish).

“Thanks to this stupid virus, there are some new grandma rules ”, is one of the initial phrases that Sandler intoned the single.

“Don’t touch Grandma, leave her alone, you can spend 25 cents to call her on the phone. Because grandmothers like to pinch your cheeks and kiss you on the head and hug you, and I don’t want Grandma to catch any superbugsFallon continued.

Even the single includes some risqué lines, which have created controversy in the comments of the publication.

“Don’t touch Grandma, give her a little space, even if Grandma wants to go to second base, “ famous people interpreted, hinting at the fact kiss with another person.

“And when this is over, you and she can play, but for now, You can still smell her grandmother smell six feet away. ”

According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 70 to 85 percent of all flu-related deaths, annually, They involve adults 65 and older and older, as reported by Daily Mail.