Don’t pour cold water into a hot pan! This is what happens when you do it | Life

If as soon as you finish using your pan under cold tap water, you better stop doing it as soon as possible. We tell you why you should not do it if you do not want it to spoil quickly.

When finished cooking, many people put the hot pan under the tap water. In this way, it cools down quickly and possible accidents are avoided, such as someone burning or damaging an instrument or kitchen accessory.

However, although this gesture may seem the most appropriate and safe, in reality It is a very widespread mistake that can ruin a frying pan in record time. If you do it too, you’d better start banishing this practice if you want to extend the life of your pans.

But what is the problem? If you put your burning pan under cold tap water, thermal shock occurs, too sudden a change in temperature that can damage the metal with which it is made.

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As explained in Taste of Home, most pots and pans are made of several layers of metal, such as stainless steel and aluminum, and some of them also have a non-stick or enamel coating. Each of these materials expands and contracts at a different temperature, and this is not a problem when the instrument is gradually heated or cooled.

But, in case the temperature change is too abrupt, thermal shock can cause various problems. One of them is that the pan is deformed, which causes that it does not heat up equally and that it does not cook food well. It is also possible cracking and peeling off the non-stick coating, leaving traces of the material in the food, or that the enamel ends up peeling.

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For all this, the best thing you can do is let the pan cool down graduallyEither on the cold ceramic hob or the gas stove with the fire off, or on a trivet or other accessory that cannot burn. In this way, your pans will remain in good condition for much longer and you will extend their useful life, with the economic savings that this implies.

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