Would there be frying on the line between the backing vocals of Remember the lyrics? The musical entertainment of France 2 is so successful that each of the protagonists of the troupe has had its little success. Thus, a large fringe of the public has a very particular affection for Magali Ripoll, who accompanies the candidates in song. Her good humor, her touch of madness and her obvious complicity with Nagui make her essential, even if it means overshadowing the other members of the group. But her strong personality can be divisive for some viewers, who prefer the more reserved Karen Khochafian. Moreover, at the very beginning of the program, this Tuesday, September 15, Magali Ripoll took advantage of a good-natured bickering to discuss her relationship with the violinist. And thus respond to his detractors who do not write him only sweet words on social networks.

Nagui defends his chorister

As a good conductor, Nagui began this explanation by commenting on the look of his two collaborators, insinuating that “Karen has gone a little crazy and you (Magali Ripoll, note) reasonable.” What the person retorted, all smiles: “I think it’s due to the comments of our respective fan clubs!”. In order not to leave newcomers hungry, the presenter clarified the ins and outs of this virtual conflict. “The fan clubs are very active, but it is not a fight between the fans of Magali and the fans of Karen!”, He clarified, before his accomplice delivers his version of the facts. “Karen fans are fighting me … I read lately: ‘can’t you be like Karen who is very discreet and distinguished? ‘ Why ? To which I replied: ‘Please contact Karen’s mom to tell her how well she educated her daughter and mine to tell her how much she did anything! ” family, Nagui ended the debate, defending his mischievous sidekick: “Don’t change anything, stay as you are! Let the haters rage! “

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