Don’t expect to see Halo Infinite at The Game Awards 2020

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The Game Awards 2020 has become an event that goes beyond recognizing the best of the year for gaming. What happens is that several distributors consider it the perfect opportunity to make announcements. That being said, you shouldn’t expect Halo Infinite to be one of the games present at the event.

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Recently a fan commented on Reddit that they would like to see Halo Infinite news at The Game Awards 2020. Upon seeing this comment, a 343 Industries employee commented that they are not preparing anything for this awards show. The good news is that they do hope to share information soon.

“We want to be clear: we have nothing planned for The Game Awards, but we are hoping to at least offer a high-level update in the next few weeks, so that we can restart this journey together after Christmas,” he explained.

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Why won’t we see Halo Infinite at The Game Awards 2020?

If it’s such a great opportunity to showcase games, why won’t 343 Industries and Microsoft take advantage of it? According to the study member, preparing something for the event would take them a long time that they cannot afford to invest.

“Creating something like a demo or something awesome for The Game Awards is a huge amount of work that would challenge our current goals for the holidays,” he said.

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The good news is that it ensures that they will invest this time in a good way: “I know it is difficult to wait, but the team will make the most of this extra time and we want to make sure that we take the best step forward to commit to greater transparency and dialogue in the path”.

Halo Infinite is on its way to PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. You can learn more about this release by clicking here.