The updates on our mobile devices they are our daily bread. It is important to be aware of them if we want be protected against possible external threats, in addition to the fact that it is recommended to do it so that the device we use on a daily basis can be as efficient as possible. If Android stands out for the variety of manufacturers, which implies that the updates arrive at different times of the year, iOS ensures, for the majority of its users, rapid and effective point improvements.

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It is true that the latest version of the operating system, iOS 13, has been the subject of more controversial than we are used to, in addition to having generated a huge number of betas, with some new features such as the integration of the mouse in the system. However, thanks in part to the recent market launch of new iPad Pro, it seems that Apple’s operating system will offer news to the useralthough much we fear it won’t be enough.

A problem that remains unremediated

Before starting to develop the bulk of the news, which I already see coming, I must say that this matter is about something that finally, I have no doubt, will be saved, but that does not stop it be worrying, more in these unstable times that we have to live. The matter, in case you did not know what was happening, is that for several months, I have not had this specific problem, it seems that Crowd of users of the bitten apple company are experiencing problems with the Wi-Fi hotspot.

Just installed iOS 13.4 and Catalina 10.15.4 and Hotspot is still a potato. Seriously, Apple, fix yourself. @AppleSupport

– Themetris (@Themetris) March 24, 2020

This problem, according to what we have been able to read in the Gizchina digital communication medium, implies the inability for some people to create their own access point and, in addition, the inability to connect to one of these points. Apple, how could it be otherwise, is already aware of the problem and has ensured that the problem is a matter that can be fixed through an update, since it is a software problem and not a hardware problem. Sometimes, as we reel you in with these hidden innovations, the operating system hides more than meets the eye.

If iOS 13.4 hasn’t managed to wrap up this hotspot issue, it seems like the task was not so easy as it might seem at first, so affected users must continue to arm themselves with large doses of patience and wait for a new update, which, judging by the pace of this latest version of the operating system, could arrive in the coming weeks. Even so, Apple has introduced small news such as the long-awaited native mouse and trackpad support, changes to Files, new Memoji, encrypted responses to encrypted emails, changes in the App Store compared to Apple Arcade, improved augmented reality and small details on the keyboard of the devices.

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