don’t even remember driving that day

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Tiger Woods He continues to recover from the multiple consequences of the traffic accident he suffered a few days ago, which has put his sports career at risk. Many doctors believe and assure that you will not be able to play golf again in a professional way and that being able to ride normally will be almost a miracle after the tremendous blow that occurred with your vehicle.

For now, the investigation into the accident suffered by what is considered to be one of the greatest golfers of all time is continuing so that all the details about the terrible event that has nearly cost him his life can be known. Speeding seems to be the cause of the fatal outcome of that morning.

The accident has left a long recovery ahead for Tiger who suffered major fractures in his foot and right ankle, and in the tibia and fibula of the same leg. However, despite the heavy blow, it has been known that Woods never lost consciousness after the tremendous impact.

Tiger Woods celebrates a new victory

However, an impressive revelation has been made that is captured in the official documents of the county sheriff’s office of The Angels. Tiger Woods has stated that he does not know how or why his traffic accident occurred, but another confession from the golfer has attracted attention.

Wood does not even remember driving that day, making it even more shocking the bizarre history that he is living considered one of the greatest golfers. This sensation is obviously caused by the strong impact produced in the accident and the subsequent shock, but it is still shocking.

The North American media USA Today has revealed what are the notes that appear in the reports they have in the Los Angeles County sheriff’s office. The officers asked him how the collision occurred, “according to the affidavit.” The driver said he did not know and did not even remember driving … The driver was treated for his injuries at the hospital, where he was returned to ask again how the accident occurred. He repeated that he did not know or remember driving. “

An LAPD car at the Tiger Woods medical center

A Los Angeles police car at the medical center where Tiger Woods is kept Reuters

The black box

Investigations into the accident have not been completed yet as the existing data in the black box of Tiger’s vehicle is being analyzed. There it will be possible to check circumstances of the moment such as the speed at which the golfer was going, the acceleration of the vehicle, the braking and the distance of the same and even the changes of direction and its angles.

These data will be revealing to know what happened and how Tiger reacted to what is already the worst moment of his life, which has been really stormy in recent times. Woods managed to touch the sky thanks to his talent and his expertise with the golf club, but his latest scandals and this unfortunate accident have plunged him into a deep black chapter of his memories from which he will try to escape through his recovery.

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