Donovan Mitchell talks about his fear of flying after the Utah incident: “I thought it was over.”

The Jazz played in Memphis last Wednesday night after a collision in the plane in which they had to go there, when birds collided with the device, and having to make an emergency landing in Salt Lake City to later catch another plane that will take them to the destination. In that change there was a loss, Donovan Mitchell, who asked not to get on the second plane because of how bad he had been with the accident.

Mitchell already warned of suffering this disease, the fear of flying, before reaching the NBA. He has never hidden it. In interviews leading up to the 2017 Draft, in which he was chosen, he admitted it.

In statements collected by Eric Walden in The Salt Lake Tribune, the player, already a regular in the cream of the NBA (this year, in the All-Star), points out that he took a day off, which is why he did not travel to Memphis in the second instance, to assess all that he had suffered from this experience:

“I immediately freaked out. I hate flying planes, in general, and this one didn’t sound good at all.”

“I wrote a message to my mother, my father and my sister just to say one thing: ‘This is it.’ It’s a scary thought. Like telling them that I loved them very much, as if I was writing the last message of my life. that gave me the most fear of everything “

“I just needed that day. Mentally I believed that I could not make the trip, even to play a game. There are things more important than basketball and that was in the middle of my way. Everyone has their things, it happens to me with This flying thing, everyone knows it.

“I had never been involved in something like this. With turbulence yes, but nothing like that. I appreciate the support of my teammates and coaches”

“I know I have a job to do. I understand this is coming in office. I’ve already taken enough time to get my mind in good shape, I’m better now.”

Mitchell was already the best of the Jazz in the next game to Memphis, this time at home and with a bulky victory against the Magic. The player needed only 21 minutes to score 22 points. You will travel on your team’s next trip.