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For a long time, users of Nintendo Switch Online have called for the arrival of the second installment of Donkey Kong Country, one of the franchises that made history on the Super Nintendo. Fortunately, it seems that the Japanese company listened to the fans and a few moments ago confirmed the arrival of this platform to its Switch Online service.

A few moments ago, Nintendo unexpectedly revealed the new NES and SNES games that will join its Switch Online service starting September 23. Initially, the wish of Donkey Kong Country fans was fulfilled and on that date they will finally be able to enjoy Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest, a delivery that debuted in 1995 and raised the level reached by its predecessor, both created by Rare. and masterfully set by the music of David Wise.

On the other hand, Switch Online subscribers will have the opportunity to play Mario’s Super Picross, a puzzle that debuted only in Japan in 1995 due to the failure in sales of Mario’s Picross in North America. In the same way, those who had SNES and lived through the glory days of the Beat ’em up on that console, will surely feel at home when playing The Peace Keepers, developed by Jaleco. Finally, there will also be an NES release, S.C.A.T .: Special Cybernetic Attack Team, Shoot ’em up developed by Natsume.

What other games would you like to see on Switch Online?

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