Amaya valdemoro, the best basketball player in the history of Spain and a Betfair ambassador, analyzed the current world of basketball with Luka Doncic as one of the great protagonists in the return of the NBA after confinement. The Dallas star continues to produce great performances, but has not been chosen among the three candidates for best player of the tournament (MVP). « It does not surprise me because in the end in the United States they tend to throw a little more people from the house »says Valdemoro.

Doncic has put his name in the history books at just 21 years old. The Slovenian is already the youngest player to lead the league in triple-doubles one season, among other records. “They did not expect the performance that he was going to have after confinement. You have numbers to qualify for the MVP award. That is why the fans are raving about not being there, because in Orlando he is showing the great player he is, ”says the former WNBA player.

The progression of the former Real Madrid player is in legendary numbers and this is what Valdemoro emphasizes, who does not doubt that he will reach the top: “What if he will be a franchise player? Is that I think He’s already a Dallas franchise player and all in his second year. The Mavericks will make the team around him, also in Dallas they tend to trust Europeans a lot. It is very difficult in the NBA to opt for a ring, but he is very young, we will surely see him in the finals and I have no doubt that he will win the ring, he will end up with a very sure MVP ”.

The NBA has indeed included Doncic among the three nominees for the ‘Most Improved Player’ award., an award that assesses the evolution from one year to the next, but which is not usually given to players with a profile already as important as that of the Slovenian.

« I don’t know if it’s going to be a disappointment or not, I know he doesn’t want it, and has even already said to remove it from the list., that they had to put in a player who was better last year. That they give him that award is not going to like anything ”, assures Valdemoro.

Another player who makes headlines in the NBA is Ricky Rubio. The Spanish has also returned strongly to the activity and Valdemoro does not want to decide on one of the two: « Ricky or Luka? I stay with the two, Ricky MVP of the last World Cup, Luka marveling the whole world, and they both come from Spain so I couldn’t opt ​​for one or the other ”.

« Real Madrid will have to sign another base »

The Betfair ambassador also had to analyze the situation of the ACB and Real Madrid, in which Laprovittola will continue. This has been confirmed by himself. Despite everything, Amaya believes that the whites will have to sign another point guard. before the imminent departure of Campazzo.

« It is true that Real Madrid still has to look at another base in the market, has always had three. Laprovittola is very involved in Real Madrid and adapted and let’s see what happens with the Euroleague and COVID too. Everything is unknown ”, concluded Valdemoro.