After a long wait, the magnate wore a United States face mask on his face.

It was during the last month of May that the US president assured that he would never give the press the pleasure of seeing him with a face mask

By: Web Writing

U.S.- And after almost four months of the pandemic of the COVID-19 it will hit the U.S, President Donald Trump wore a mouth cover on his face for the first time since the health contingency began.

The historic scene occurred earlier today when the president visited the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, a building where he met with medical personnel attending to multiple cases of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

« When you’re in a hospital, I think I’m expected to wear a mask, » Trump said minutes after leaving the White House to head for his destination aboard a helicopter.

It should be noted that the protection mask was used only when he toured the interior of the medical center, as sources claimed that when he got out of his helicopter he did not bring it with him.

Donald Trump had refused to use a mouth cover for he was afraid it would make him look weak and worried.