This Friday, July 31, the President of the United States, Donald Trump announced that it could ban the famous app TikTok (owned by the Chinese company ByteDance) for national security reasons. The US authorities will be concerned that the platform was used by Chinese intelligence and therefore put at risk the handling of personal data of US citizens.

During a series of statements (via CNN) to the press on board the presidential Air Force One plane, the president expressed the following:

“As for TikTok, we are going to ban it in the United States. I have that authority. I can do it with an executive order, « he said.

The president’s intentions are accompanied by a series of rumors that Microsoft would be interested in acquiring the famous short video application. At the moment, the company chaired by Bill Gates has not commented, nor has TikTok; however, a spokesperson for the platform noted (via The New York Times) that «They are committed to protecting the security and privacy of their users» and added the following:

« While we don’t comment on rumors or speculation, we are confident in TikTok’s long-term success. Hundreds of millions of people flock to TikTok to entertain and connect, including our community of creators. ”

For now, it has not been clear how the TikTok veto would be carried out in North American territory – which has 80 million daily users in the US – and how ByteDance would handle the rest of the application’s global operations. However, TikTok has promised through a statement that it will work to demonstrate its high levels of transparency, allowing a review of its algorithms and assuring its users that the platform is not used for any purpose other than entertainment.

“We are not politicians, we do not accept political publicity and we do not have a political agenda; our sole objective is to remain a dynamic platform for everyone to enjoy. TikTok has become the ultimate target, but we are not the enemy»Said the CEO of the social network, Kevin Mayer.

Regarding vetoes, it was announced in early July that TikTok would cease operating in Hong Kong after the « National Security Law » was passed. In other territories such as the United Kingdom, the exclusion of Huawei equipment from its 5G networks was also reported for reasons of national security. According to ., TikTok would be willing to sell its shares in the US in order to avoid Trump’s ban.

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