Donald Trump pointed this Tuesday against the World Health Organization, which he accused of having “ruined” the situation and being very focused on the perspective of China.

The US president recalled that in the first months of the outbreak, the WHO did not recommend closing borders. “Fortunately I rejected his adviceTrump said, referring to his early decision to suspend the entry of foreigners who have been in China in the last 14 days, made in late January.

In the same week, the health agency had said: “In light of the available information, the WHO did not recommend imposing any restrictions on travel or trade.” In this regard, Trump complained this Tuesday: “Why did they give us such a wrong recommendation?

Also the president announced that it will review the funds that Washington contributes for the operation of the entity. “For some reason, (WHO) is largely funded by the United States, but it is very focused on China.“, Held.

The president did not add another message in the minutes following the publication and it is unknown what irritated him. Hours ago, the departure of the White House spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, was reported.

The Coronavirus pandemic advances strongly in the US, where it has already left more than 10 thousand dead. It is also the country with the most infections worldwide. The most optimistic forecasts from the White House estimate close to 100,000 fatalities, if all states comply with the recommendations for social distancing.

Trump, who during the first months of the pandemic minimized the risks facing the American population, has taken the lead in official communications and raised the tone of warning, surrounded by experts in epidemiology from the White House.