Donald Trump before leaving gives one last blow to Huawei by canceling licenses

Intel and other manufacturers associated with permission working with Huawei were blocked by the Donald Trump administration before leaving.

One of the most crooked and turbulent episodes for which the Donald Trump administration will be remembered will undoubtedly be the trade blockade it imposed against Huawei.

Under the argument of risks against the privacy and national security of the country, the mandatory promoted a series of locks that for a moment seemed to put the future of the brand in doubt.

The reality is that Trump and his team never presented evidence to validate those arguments and now with the change of administration a potential change of landscape is expected.

But before leaving the President applied one last blow.

All permits are canceled

According to a report by the news agency ., Intel and other partners Huawei with a special license to still work with them were notified about the revocation of said permission.

The agency would have had access to an email message where the Semiconductor Industry Association indicated that the Department of Commerce reportedly shared its « intention to deny a significant number of license applications for exports to Huawei and a revocation of at least one previously issued license. »

But the reality is that along with Intel’s, at least eight other permits have been withdrawn. And there would be many more pending to be denied.

In theory, Huawei would have had about 150 licenses in process for a value of USD $ 120 billion. Most of these permits would have already been rejected. At the same time, the other eight licenses were revoked.

The big question is whether this is part of the closing and handover process to Joe Biden’s team or if there is some other intention.