Donald Trump and his determination to stay in the White House, in the graphic cartoon of Alfredo Boto-Hervás

Since Joe Biden’s victory in the United States elections, Donald Trump has avoided in every way possible to acknowledge his defeat. Apparently, even from his closest circle they have asked him not to castling, but his position is firm: he continues to reiterate that electoral fraud has occurred.

This Sunday and through Twitter, his favorite channel to communicate during his four years as president of the United States, he admitted for the first time that Joe Biden had won the election, but “because they were rigged”. “NO OBSERVERS OR OBSERVERS OF THE VOTE were allowed, the votes were counted by a company privately owned by the Radical Left, Dominion, with a bad reputation and deceptive team that could not even meet the requirements for Texas (That I won by far! !), Fake and Silent Media, and more! “He wrote.

In addition, this Monday, November 16, has questioned the validity of the vote count in the state of Georgia. “The false count that is happening in Georgia does not mean anything, because they do not allow the signatures to be examined and verified,” said Donald Trump in a tweet, in which he asked to remove the so-called “unconstitutional consent decree.”

Our illustrator Alfredo Boto wanted to reflect in his cartoon of the week his particular vision on the donald trump attitude. Chained to the White House, Donald Trump clings to office with the coronavirus surrounding him.