Donald Trump has already gone with everything on other occasions against Twitter.

In May of this year, Twitter disabled a Trump tweet by inciting violence.

In recent days, Twitter deleted a video of doctors giving false information about the coronavirus.

« It is disgusting to see the » Trending « section of Twitter, where there are many trends about me and never a good one. They search for everything they can find, they make it as bad as possible and they exploit it trying to make a trend. Really ridiculous, illegal and, of course, very unfair! ” This is how the President of the United States, Donald Trump, expressed himself in the face of what he considers a biased attitude of Twitter towards him.

In addition to showing himself as a controversial person, the president forgot to make an explicit and concrete reference to how it is that Twitter incurs an illegality when referring to his person. Twitter’s algorithm, like that of almost any other social network, is based on the frequency of what the user searches for in a given period. In this way, the trends are classified in a ranking from lowest to highest.

Twitter vs Donald Trump, a fierce battle

It is not the first time that the social network and the President of the United States have engaged in controversy. In May of this year, Twitter deactivated a Trump tweet by inciting violence, a characteristic feature of this character since he assumed the presidency of the United States and has been a common theme of his administration.

After that, Trump signed an executive order to make changes to section 230 of the federal law known as the Communications Decency Act (CDA), which exempts digital platforms from legal responsibility for content published by users. In that way, Trump’s whimsical authority outweighed his sense of decency and common sense.

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To this, it must be remembered that Twitter removed a video of Donald Trump a few days ago where the president misinformed about the coronavirus. Facebook joined this decision when the content violated its information policies about the pandemic.

According to the Washington Post, more than 13 million users saw the video in which a group of doctors gave false information about the pandemic. In it they say, for example, that masks are not essential to stop the spread of the disease.

Also in that video, Trump continues to defend the use of hydroxychloroquine, despite the fact that the substance does not have a scientific endorsement for its use.

The writer vs. the president

But the president of the United States has not only quarreled with the social network but also with another character in the popular life of the United States with whom he has had a war since he took office in the country. The author of horror books Stephen King has been characterized by being one of his main detractors and has used Twitter as a battlefield to speak out against the New York-born man on numerous occasions to the point of calling him an idiot.

During an interview with NowThisNews, King was asked if he thought Trump was more scary than any of his novels, to which the author replied without hesitation that “the short answer to that is yes, I think so. I think it’s more terrifying. «