Donald Glover Signs Mass Production Contract With Amazon

The actor would be preparing for a new stage as an executive producer. Photo: AP | AP

Currently, Donald glover is positioned as one of the most outstanding artists in the field of music and acting, especially in the latter field after the creation of the television series « Atlanta« , Which is preparing for the filming of the third and fourth seasons.

Now Glover prepares to do a big production deal alongside Amazon, according to a recent report by The Hollywood Reporter, which indicates that the actor will have his own content channel in Prime Video, although, so far, the company has not commented on the matter.

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Recently, Glover would have been announced alongside the award-winning actress and producer Phoebe Waller-Bridge during the past week to star in a television reboot of the tape « Mr. & Mrs Smith”, Which is expected to arrive in the platform’s catalog in 2022, which could be a signal for the commercial deal with the actor.

The report also includes some details on possible series in which Glover could enter as an executive producer, mentioning a possible production called « Hive”, Which would be centered on a character inspired by Beyonce, with the scriptwriter Janine Nabers (known for her work in Watchmen).

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It is indicated that this project has begun with the recruitment of a team of scriptwriters to which he would join Malia Obama, although at the moment Amazon would not comment on it.

After a creative hiatus of just over two years, Glover prepares for his return to FX with « Atlanta”, Whose filming was suspended in 2020 due to the pandemic. It is currently rumored that production would resume activities sometime in March this year.