Doña Rufina’s body turns five days without burial

ECATEPEC, State of Mexico

Relatives of Mrs. Rufina who died on June 22 and whose body could not be buriedThey will file a complaint, as they assure that the funeral home from which they hired the service has retained the body.

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While the funeral home Funeza assures that they have asked the family to go for the body, which is kept refrigerated in one of its branches, which ensures the lawyer of the family of Doña Rufina, Francisco Corsantez, would represent a crime and a health problem.

“In the Federal Health Law, a crime would be committed, if it is moved in decomposition, it would have to give the MP a sight for him to command or order or take his precautionary measures so that people are not going to get infected, “he said.

The family lawyer mentioned that there have been many irregularities in the service that the funeral home should have provided.

“If the birth certificate presented errors, he would have informed the family so that they would do the corresponding to correct the problem and, on the contrary, he transferred the body even on two occasions.”

“When Mrs. Rufina was born in 1933, February 29 is not a leap year, but the funeral home never contacted or notified the relatives so that they could do the right thing immediately and correct that and they could give her a holy burial.”

In addition to this, a worker from the company signed a commitment to bury the body and it was not respected either.

The legal representative of Funeza, Edgar Amadeo Veliz Rodríguez mentioned that they cannot bury her or cremate her, as requested by the next of kin, because the judge has not issued the certificate to them as there is no date on which Ms. Rufina was born in her record.

He also commented that they have indicated to the family that they can go for the body, which they keep refrigerated in one of their branches, in addition to initiating a criminal complaint.

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Francisco Corsantez mentioned that five days after Rufina died, today his family only demands that the funeral home comply with the service they hired and for which they paid

“The family demands that the funeral home do what it has to do, the body does not want to receive it, they want them to respect the contract and do what they have to do or to return the money to be able to hire another funeral home to do the service and all the paperwork ”.

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