Don Segundo, the father of Carlos Tevez, died

Carlos Tevez with Don Segundo Carlos Tevez with Don Segundo

This Sunday the news of the death of Don Segundo, the father of Carlos Tevez, who was going through a severe illness and according to the footballer himself had told in January this year his chances of survival were practically nil.

“Boca Juniors mourns the death of Don Segundo, Carlitos’s father, and accompanies the Tevez family and their friends at this time of so much pain and sadness. A lot of strength! ”The club reported on its official Twitter account. In addition, the technician Michelangelo Russo released his captain from pre-match rally against Newell’s that will be played tonight in Rosario for the footballer to travel to Buenos Aires.

Second Tevez He had undergone neck surgery in February 2020. Then, due to a picture of coronavirus and pneumonia, he had been admitted to intensive care for 45 days. In September he was discharged, according to Diego, the Boca player’s brother, but later he had to be admitted again and could not recover. The dad of Charlie Brown He also suffered from diabetes and obesity.

After the conquest of the Diego Maradona Cup, in January of this year, the idol Xeneize he had recognized that the situation was affecting him and had thanked his soul father for having raised him: “Segundo took care of me without having anything to do with me. He saw a helpless boy who didn’t have a guide or anything. He is a fighter, he does not lower his arms, he wants to continue living. As a family, we accompany you at all times. The doctors say one thing but my old man continues to fight it, he continues to mark us how life is lived and it marks us a lot ”.

In November 2020, after a match against Talleres, he had also referred to the health of his father, who had contracted coronavirus: “What is happening is very ugly, I have close people who are very bad. That they take care of themselves, it is a disease that I had to live closely and it is very ugly “, and added in dialogue with ESPN:”My family, the people of Boca, my teammates and the coaching staff make me not break down, keep fighting because every time I go on the court they are watching me and I cannot fail them ”.

Don Segundo adopted Carlos as his son when he was a child and since then began a love story that will not end despite his death: “My dad took care of me without having anything to do with me. He was Adriana’s boyfriend, who was Fabiana’s sister, who was my mother. He was a defenseless boy, who did not have a guide and he took care of something that he did not have to. In all my life, with El Chueco, it never made a difference even though he was her only child. My old man was to buy a T-shirt for me and another for him, and the same. Or a shoe from the same brand. When I had a conscience he grabbed me and told me I am not your dad, but I feel you are mine. Your dad was killed and he told me the true story. I always called him dad because since I have a conscience he was always with me”, The Apache had explained in an interview on TyC Sports earlier this year.

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