“Don Nacho” Beristain sends a strong message with the fight between Márquez and Cotto

With the announcement of the Mexican’s return to the ring, Juan Manuel Marquez, and the Puerto Rican, Miguel Cotto, the famous boxing coach, “Don Nacho” Beristain, gave his position on the meeting, his words struck by the sincerity with which he pronounced them.

Through a promotional video of the fight, “Don Nacho” Beristain was sincere when pronouncing on the matter of the combat that will have Juan Manuel Márquez and Miguel Cotto.

“Generally I have disapproved of all the fighters who come out of retirement and decide to come back. But in this case, in the case of an exhibition, for both of us it is something that we have recognized that has been expected for a long time ”, he explained.

At the same time, he made it clear that in previous years this fight was sought, now that there will not be so many weight restrictions, the fight will finally take place.

“Due to the weight difference, it did not happen (years ago), but because it is an exhibition, they will face each other in the ring with great class”

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