Who has never played a Super Mario game? Anyone who has played a game from the Nintendo star will know that they have been studied to the millimeter to know on which platform to jump or at which point to avoid an enemy. We’ve always wondered what it would be like to create our own levels of one of the most famous plumber games of all time, and we’d like to bring out our creativity. This was a reality thanks to Super Mario Maker, a game that revolutionized Wii U. Since the level-building game was so successful, Nintendo released a sequel for Nintendo Switch, again being a resounding success.

Great domino effect from Super Mario Maker 2

From time to time, The Domino King YouTube channel brings us its own tribute to a Nintendo saga or video game in a very peculiar way, in domino pieces. We could already see how he made a tribute to Princess Peach, The Legend of Zelda or Animal Crossing, among others. This time, it was Super Mario Maker 2’s turn. According to the author, this has been his most ambitious project, since he holds the record for domino pieces. 260,214 and the creation time, nothing more and nothing less than almost 6 months. The author comments on his channel, that as in April there was an update of Super Mario Maker 2, including new objects and the Koopalings, he did not miss the opportunity and has included them in this magnificent tribute. Then we leave you with the video, which as you will see, is the longest to date, with 38 video clips.

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