The world of cinema has been particularly slowed down by the coronavirus epidemic. Many filming and productions have been interrupted for health reasons. But that doesn’t stop all projects from moving forward. This is particularly the case of Jurassic World: Dominion, recently described by Chris Pratt as the “Endgame” of dinosaurs. Indeed, Colin Trevorrow, the director continues the work at home. If he was forced to stop filming which had started in February, that does not completely end his activity. This is what he revealed on social networks.

Jurassic World, the meeting of two worlds

On his Instagram account, he revealed an image of his work, taken visibly at his home. Whoever had made the first episode of Jurassic World, before giving way to Juan Antonio Bayona is back in charge. On his computer screen, one can discover what is visibly an image of the future film Jurassic World: Dominion.

What can we deduce from this image? As expected, unlike the vast majority of other episodes of the saga, the story should take place in the “normal” world and not on an island / amusement park. The idea of ​​the film, glimpsed in several previously published sequences, is to focus on the confrontation of the world of men and that of the dinosaurs. We can therefore expect, as in this image, rather urban scenes, sets that should contrast with our habits. The picture also suggests that the film should not be too apocalyptic. Despite the presence of smoke and what looks like rubble on the ground, the figure visible on the screen seems to be walking quietly beside his bicycle. Suffice to say that raptors don’t really have to be around the corner! We are now waiting for the rest.