TikTok has been setting the trend in music for a few months. And Dominican fashion artists have benefited, including Omega, El Alfa, Don Miguelo, Amenazzy, Romeo Santos and others.

The Chinese application of videos and music has replaced the way of promoting the songs of the moment. Previously, the radio, the digital video platform YouTube and Spotify were in charge of spreading the new songs and taking them to the top of the charts, today that pattern has changed due to TikTok.

The application that allows you to post videos of up to one minute has helped several Dominicans reach foreign markets through the famous “challenges”.

With only 15 seconds and several verses of the song, it is enough for them to travel the world accumulating thousands of views, which leads users to search more about the singers and their music.

The street merenguero Omega el Fuerte is one of the kings of Tik Tok, with the « challenge » #Omega, based on the lyrics of his most recent single: « Pegao », which has accumulated 9 million visits on YouTube and more than 20 thousand views on the Chinese video platform.

A meringue

Omega’s cut has a catchy melody and a background saxophone composition that invites dancing. “Pegao” was released on August 11 and within hours it became a hit when famous TikTok users created the “challenge” by dancing to the song. Immediately thousands of users around the world started using the challenge and in two weeks it became viral and then a trend.

Another topic that has become followed is the merengue “Llegó el Pavo”, by Silvio Mora, which leads the #LlegoelPavo challenge and consists of moving the body and head without any pattern. The merengue was a success in 2014 and it became within the top ten of the songs most listened to on the radio and entertainment centers. Today TikTok and several users have revived this merengue success.

Toño Rosario and his « Kulikita » also went viral on the video platform. The theme heads several « challenges », but the main one is the challenge of #Bailandomerengue.

Despite the fact that “Cuquito”, as Toño is known, launched the merengue in 2003, today it is one of the most used on TikTok.

The meringue has five million views on YouTube and has been played by thousands of people on the Chinese video application.

La Banda Gorda and their song « My wife governs me » became a trend since March of this year. The « challenge » of the « Governor » rolled all over TikTok, when the women began to record their partners while they washed dishes or did something to do with the song in the background. Peña Suazo’s merengue and his challenge can still be found in the viral videos of the famous “Para Ti” section of TikTok.

Los Hermanos Rosario also went viral when some “tiktokers” created the #Moviendo la cadera challenge, while they danced to the 1995 hit “La dueña del Swing”, which was part of their album “Los owners del Swing”. This revived the meringue and made it a hit within the app.

Another who has not stopped driving the whole world crazy is the King of bachata, Romeo Santos, who became a trend for the #Bachatachallenge, where thousands of couples dance “Imitadora”, which was launched in June 2017. It is the second single from his album « Golden ».

With the arrival of the song on TikTok, the song has been very successful, as has his song « Bellas », a « featuring » he did with Anthony Santos, while he was the leader of the group Aventura. « Blind of love » is another of his collaborations.

Romeo Santos is one of the most recognized Dominicans on the platform. With his bachatas within the challenges he accumulates several videos, so it is not strange that a Dominican song appears in the “For you” section.



The veteran bachatero Anthony Santos is so little left behind and that is his hit. « The abuse is over » is one of the most used in the video application, the song of amargue was released in July last year and has become a hit. The theme has 5 million views.