Dominican Republic will offer “booster” vaccine against covid-19

Full hospitals in the Dominican Republic 3:44

(CNN Spanish) – The Dominican Republic will apply a third dose of the vaccine against covid-19 to the population, Vice President Raquel Peña announced on Thursday.

The injection will be applied one month after the second dose and must be from a different pharmacy than those already applied to each individual.

Peña, who also coordinates the Health Cabinet, assured that the decision was adopted to strengthen the immunity of Dominicans in view of the variants of the coronavirus that circulate in several countries.

According to official data, the country has applied 7,402,235 doses and 2,655,737 people have already been fully vaccinated.

The Dominican government has received a total of 14 shipments of vaccines, mostly from Sinovac, from China.

In total, the Caribbean country bought around 31 million doses of vaccine against covid-19. Of these, 10,768,000 correspond to Sinovac, 9,999,990 to Pfizer and another 10 million to AstraZeneca.

Until this Thursday, the Dominican Republic registered 320,136 confirmed cases and 3,781 deaths from covid-19. In the country, 261,405 people have also been recovered, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Health.

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