Dominican Republic will celebrate National Player’s Day in honor of Osvaldo Virgil

The Senate Chamber of the Dominican Republic, approved in the early hours of Monday night the project that would become Law, celebrating the National Player’s Day on the calendar, where they would be honoring all the players of the sport of the ball and the bat every September 23, even more special to Osvaldo virgil.

The senator for the Duarte province, Dominican Republic, Franklin Romero, was the one who proposed the initiative to declare as Law the National Player’s Day in the Dominican Republic, a bill that became law on Monday under first reading approval by members of the Senate of that country.

The National Player’s Day In the Dominican Republic, it would be celebrated on September 23 of each year, a date that would be dedicated to the former Major League Baseball player, Osvaldo virgil, who is known for being the first player of Dominican nationality to play a game of the MLB as a professional in the ranks of the New York Giants (now San Francisco).

Osvaldo Virgil, became the first Dominican to play a match in the MLB on September 23, 1956, a country that today has brought more than 800 players to the Major League Baseball systems. Virgil In his debut he was playing under the third base position with the New York Giants, who in that game missed the batting box four times, in addition to making a mistake and making two assists, in what would be the first game of a Dominican in the MLB.

The Oregano, as it is nicknamed Virgil, He accumulated most of his successes playing for the Leones del Escogido in the Dominican Winter League, where he is paid tribute with the retirement of his number (17) in his years as a player of said club, a player who also reaped a career of nine seasons played in the Major Leagues, taking to the field with the New York Giants, Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Athletics (now Oakland), Baltimore Orioles and Pittsburgh Pirates, in addition to culminating his career with a return to the Giants, although these already moved to San Francisco.

The Senate of the Dominican Republic, apart from approving the Law in appointment of September 23 as the National Player’s Day In honor to Osvaldo VirgilIn the same way, the name of the La Normal stadium, located in the National District of the capital city of the Dominican Republic, would be renamed La Normal Stadium. Osvaldo Virgil, project also proposed by the Senator, Franklin Romero.