Dominican Nelson Cruz gave a show of power rarely seen

Cruz reached 10 total bases on Monday.

Photo: Duane Burleson / Getty Images

A back to back in the same turn? Yes, Nelson Cruz made it possible. The Dominican dispatched a hit that It was not a home run by centimeters. In fact, it had to be reviewed by the umpires. Seconds later, he took her out of the park againThis time without leaving room for doubt: Grand Slam that led the Minnesota Twins to a beating of the Detroit Tigers.

Here is the complete sequence:

First, he brought it out towards the opposite band. Then line to left field. Nothing to do. It was written. It was destiny for Cruz to hit the ball, and the native of Las Matas de Santa Cruz showed that at the age of 40 he still has plenty of power to do this kind of thing, within the reach of so few.

Because it was more than power, it’s also about concentration. It is not easy to recover after seeing how a hit that could have been a home run ended in foul. And this was just the beginning of his journey.

Nelson Cruz: 10 total bases

Cruz took her out of Comerica Park again with a forceful connection that since he left his bat it was known that it would end very far from the field of play. He concluded his performance with a double that took him to second, a stop he made before being driven.

He finished the game with 2 homers, 5 RBIs and 10 total bases. It was just the 18th time a player aged 40 and over has achieved such a record. The last to do it? Yes, it had been him too (July 2020). We have Nelson Cruz for a while.