They released the official trailer for the Dominican film “Not what it seems”, a completely renewed, refreshing and very comical love story, by the hand of Caribbean Cinemas, this time joining forces with director David Maler.

The film stars Nashla Bogaert and Frank Perozo, who are accompanied in co-starring roles by Colombian actor Fabián Ríos and Venezuelan actress Gaby Espino. In starring roles, Puerto Rican presenter and actor Jaime Mayol, Pepe Sierra, Bolívar Valera, Evelyna Rodríguez join this story.


Juanma has the life he has always wanted. An organized routine, a comfortable job and the same girlfriend for nine years. Things cannot go better for him. He decides to ask his girlfriend on his anniversary day in the most romantic way possible; flowers, balloons, a cake and a ring tied to a new pet, an adorable miniature pig, Cinthia. But upon arriving at the house he discovers that she is unfaithful to him. The perfect world overflows.

Six months pass. Juanma, is sunk in a severe depression, luckily one of his three best friends remembers a cousin who went through a similar situation, recovered and became a leading man after receiving psychological therapy.

Valeria is a clinical psychologist who has developed an unorthodox method of therapy. She recreates real scenes (appointments) and is correcting behaviors throughout the “session”. The final result of the treatment? A renewed and self-assured man.

Juanma’s friends go to see Valeria, letting her know in a very dramatic way that his life is in her hands. Emotional blackmail works and she agrees to start therapy.

What should be one more treatment begins to get complicated when Valeria knows Juanma thoroughly, realizing that behind that monotonous life, the sow as a pet (which was not a miniature) and a serious depression, there is an extraordinary human being …

Who helps whom in this love affair?

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