Dominic Thiem He has been the epicenter of a hurricane of words and criticism after repeatedly stressing that he was opposed to donating money voluntarily to the Relief Fund of players. Following the announcement of ATP, WTA and ITF to set up their own fund to help those who need it most, the issue has relaxed somewhat, and now the Austrian wants to speak again where he does best: on track. Tomorrow will make its debut in the Generali Austrian Pro Series, the new tournament that brings together the best Austrian rackets.

In the preview, Dominic returned to vent in an interview in Der Standard, where he practically touched all possible suits: he spoke of the possibility of playing tennis behind closed doors, of the inequalities of a system that condemns Challenger winners to lose money and his words about the aforementioned Aid Fund. An extensive and very interesting conversation:

– How mentally you have dealt with the stoppage situation since your last match: “The Australian Open was incredible, but the final left me exhausted, both in my mind and in my body. I went to Rio and I really wasn’t that relaxed to play in Indian Wells, so the cancellation didn’t affect me as much. No one in At that time he thought that all tournaments would follow this trend, Miami was history, we flew home and we already saw that the land tour would be canceled. I did not know what to do during the first two weeks at home. I was fit, I was healthy, but I I was lifting without a target almost for the first time in my life. It was strange. “

– On whether to play at ATP level again this year and the possibility of playing behind closed doors: “A few days ago I would have answered no. Now I can imagine it. The borders are opening little by little, maybe there is a “Us Open ghost”, maybe we are in quarantine for two weeks before each tournament. The most important thing about playing behind closed doors is that people go back to live sports. It is difficult for the players, but There is no other alternative. I followed the German soccer Bundesliga, it was not too good for me, but it is positive that you can feel the competitive atmosphere, although it will not be great again until there are no spectators. ”

– On whether you want to clarify your words about the Aid Fund: “I do not want to clarify anything, I keep everything I said. The problem is that only one headline stood out, that everything was shortened. I said from the beginning that there are many players who deserve support, but I myself was on the Futures circuit for two years and it is also true that many go out there, living a beautiful life. I want to decide who to help myself, I have supported players long before Corona, but I’m not giving names: a donation is something private, that comes from the heart. You don’t have to go public. I already give money to various organizations that care about people, animals or the weather. “

– About the current tennis structure: “There are many things that are not good today. It is very clear that the best are very well paid, as in other sports. But it is that the players who are among the one hundred and three hundred best are very strong. It is extremely difficult to win a Challenger; It can’t be that you win it and, in addition, you lose money because you took a coach with you and you have to pay him. There are many things that are wrong, but these mismatches should not be corrected by Thiem, but by organizations and official bodies. “

– Who will emerge reinforced from this situation: “It is not good for anyone. I was fit and the coronavirus has slowed me down, Nadal and Federer are missing all the tournaments this year and they do not have as many as others, although their bodies can regenerate. Tsitsipas and Medvedev were going to up and they had a very abrupt halt too. “

– Do you hate coronavirus ?: “No, there are some good things about this, even if it seems silly. The environment is recovering, the dolphins are swimming in Monaco again. They are things that we should think about and take care of without a virus having to come. We lived in a very inflated system. “